About Us

Get to know the people working behind the scenes to make Tauro Wealth a world-class, technology-driven investment platform.

Our Story

Tauro Wealth was founded in 2015 by Anand and Harsh with an aim to build a comprehensive investment platform that would empower the retail investor. Harsh, an IIT Kanpur graduate with over a decade of experience in financial services, saw regular investors struggling from misguided financial advice and an ever-growing knowledge and information gap about financial products. He realized that there was a desperate need for a technology-driven investment platform that was simple enough for everyone to understand and yet as powerful as the systems used by top financial institutions.

Anand, a computer science engineering graduate from IIT Kanpur, has worked extensively on building large, complex and high-performance software systems, most recently at Microsoft. He says his decision to join was straightforward because he had observed this problem first hand. Anand says, "Having faced the challenges of investing in stock markets myself and having watched friends and family members repeat the most basic investing mistakes, the idea of using technology to simplify investing is a winning proposition for everyone."

Meet The Team

The word "Tauro" has its roots in the Greek word Taurus meaning the bull, which is the universal symbol for stock market strength. We, at Tauro Wealth, believe that despite their virtues, most traditional methods used to invest money in today's technology-driven world are becoming increasingly archaic. We also believe that we have the right combination of skills and drive to transform the world of investing.

Harsh's profile on LinkedIn
Harsh, Co-founder

Harsh has a background in Finance and loves the idea of using technology to solve the problems of investing. He is an avid tennis player and an adventurer at heart, who likes to listen to classical music to find peace of mind!

Anand's profile on LinkedIn
Anand, Co-founder

Anand loves anything to do with code - reading, writing, even debugging! Not a big fan of status quo, he questions everything. Books and his two year old son fill up all his time away from computers.