Pricing Plans

At Tauro Wealth, we are always striving to provide our customers with best-in-class services at the most reasonable price. Would you like to know more about the various pricing plans that we offer?

Essentials Premium Infinity
Easy Transactions
Portfolio Monitoring
Auto Rebalancing
SIP Investing
Portfolio Simulator 1 Year
Zero Demat AMC
Premium Primers
Allocation Advice One-time One-time
Primer Customization
Personal Portfolio
Portfolio Limit 5,00,000 5 Lac 20,00,000 20 Lac Unlimited -
Brokerage Charges 0.25% 0.20% 0.15%
Annual Subscription Fetching Fetching Fetching

What are Easy Transactions, Portfolio Monitoring and Auto Rebalancing?

After registering on the Tauro Wealth platform, we will ask customers to open a FREE trading / demat account with our business partner, Sharekhan Limited, one of India's largest online brokerage companies. If customers choose to avail our transaction facilities, they will be able to buy/sell/rebalance Primers directly through the Tauro Wealth platform at the click of a button. This is what the 'Easy Transactions' refers to.

For customers who buy/sell Primers through our platform, we will help them keep track of their investments on a daily basis. P&L statements, total holdings, corporate actions, etc. will be monitored for each individual customer.

Our algorithm-based portfolio creation mechanism ensures that our Primers are always abreast with the latest market changes. We provide single-click rebalacing facility to all our customers so that they can also keep their investments updated with any relevant changes in Primer composition over time.

What is User Customization and do you need this feature?

Customization is an advanced feature that allows users to modify the composition of our Primers in order to suit their needs. A number of experienced investors conduct their own research and may wish to incorporate stocks that they like into a Primer that they want to invest in. They may also want to remove some stocks or change their weights based on their analysis.

If you belong to this category of investors, then you would find our Customization feature quite valuable. We allow users to create customized versions of our Primers and also help them track their performance compared to the original Primer. We also allow users to invest in their customized versions. Any changes made to the customization can also be easily replicated in the holdings at the click of a button.

What is the Portfolio Simulator?

We understand the apprehension most investors feel when putting their hard-earned money into the stock market. To enable investors to get comfortable with the idea of investing and also to understand the features available on our platform, we have created a powerful Investment Simulator.

You can use this Simulator to get accustomed to the Tauro Wealth platform. You can also "invest" in Primers and track their performance in a virtual environment without risking real capital. Once you are comfortable with a particular Primer, and the platform in general, you can start investing with real money.

We provide complementary access to the Simulator for our Essentials plan users on a trial-basis for a period of 6 months from the time of their Tauro Wealth account activation.

What does Demat AMC mean?

To enable transactions from the platform, we will ask you to open a FREE trading / demat account with our business partner, Sharekhan Limited. Sharekhan charges an annual maintenance charge (AMC) of 400 + tax from their regular customers. This is what Demat AMC refers to.

We will waive the demat AMC charges for our Essentials plan customers for the first year and for our Premium/Infinity plan customers for the term of their subscriptions.

What are Premium Primers and how are they useful?

Our platform presently contains ~50 Primers and new Primers are added on an ongoing basis. Although a majority of these are available to all customers, some of the novelty Primers will be marked as 'Premium' and only be made available to our Premium customers. We may choose to add/remove Primers from the premium category as per our discretion.

What is the Personal Portfolio feature and how does it work?

This is a unique feature that will be useful for experienced investors who have existing stock portfolios outsite the Tauro Wealth platform. We allow users to upload the details of these portfolios into our system and help them monitor their performance in the form of a 'Personalized Primer'. We will also provide recommendations to users regarding their portfolio on an ongoing basis.

What kind of Allocation Advice would you get?

Investors who wish to deploy more than a certain amount of capital through Tauro Wealth will be provided a detailed allocation report ideal for their requirements. We will advice customers on how to allocate their funds between 3-4 different Primers in order to achieve a healthy diversification and to maximize returns over the long term.

What is the Portfolio Limit? How will it be calculated?

'Portfolio Limit' refers to the maximum value of holdings that a customer can maintain in their Tauro Wealth account. The value of each customer's total investment holdings at the end of each quarter will be used to determine their account type for the remaining year.

For example, if the total holdings are worth 4,00,000 in January and the customer invests an additional 2,00,000 in May, then the account will be automatically upgraded from Essentials plan to Premium plan at the end of June. The account will be charged 0 (Essentials account charges) for the January-June period. The new subscription will be valid for a period of one year starting from 1 July and 4,999 (Premium account charges) subscription fees will be payable within one month of the upgrade.

What are the Brokerage Charges and Annual Subscription and how will they be calculated?

Just like buying/selling stocks through a broker incurs brokerage charges, transactions made through the Tauro Wealth platform will also be charged brokerage as per the applicable rate. This brokerage will be deducted directly by our business partner, Sharekhan Limited, at the time of the transaction.

'Annual Subscription' refers to the Investment Advisory fees charged to Premium/Infinity plan customers by Tauro Investment Advisors Private Limited. This fees will be payable to Tauro Investment Advisors in lieu of advisory services rendered through the Tauro Wealth platform on a pro rata basis. Additional taxes will be applicable as per regulations.

What discounts do you get if someone opens a Sharekhan account using your Referral Code?

You can get some amazing discounts by referring Tauro Wealth to your friends and family. For every Sharekhan account that is opened using your unique Referral Code, you get a direct credit of 500* in your account. On top of that, the person who uses your Referral Code also gets a one-time credit of 500*.

These credits will be transferred as cash directly to your bank account at the end of each billing cycle. You can also use these credits to pay the Sharekhan Annual Maintenance Charge or your Tauro Wealth Annual Subscription fees if either of these is applicable to your account.

*t&c apply